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Mercer I Mettl is global leader in Holistic Online Assessment Tools for academic institutes and corporate clients. Game Changer is the only authorised partner of Mercer I Mettl in Bangladesh. 

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Mercer | Mettl Talent Assessments

Mercer | Mettl’s online assessment platform is just the solution you are looking for. Its stellar online assessment tool allows you to conduct virtual assessments, online exams, hire and develop talent. The platform is built for accurate skills evaluation and supports various assessments to screen candidates online.

Trusted by more than 6000 clients worldwide, Mercer | Mettl is the global leader in online talent assessments covering psychometric tests, aptitude tests, coding assessments, lateral hiring, online hackathons, campus hiring, organizational development, and 360 degree feedback.

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Why talent assessments are crucial to your organization?

Objective Evaluation

Talent assessments provide an objective and standardized method to evaluate candidates, reducing biases and ensuring fair hiring decisions.

Identifying Skills Gaps

They help identify specific skill gaps within the organization, enabling targeted training and development programs.

Cultural Fit

Assessments aid in assessing a candidate's alignment with the organization's culture, enhancing team cohesion and morale.

Reduced Turnover

By selecting candidates who align with the role and the company's values, organizations can reduce employee turnover.

Productivity Boost

Hiring individuals with the right skills and attributes leads to increased productivity and performance within the workforce.

Succession Planning

Talent assessments identify potential future leaders and allow organizations to nurture talent for future leadership roles.

Cost Savings

Making informed hiring decisions minimizes recruitment costs associated with hiring and training new employees.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Data-driven insights from assessments empower better decision-making, whether in recruitment, training, or talent development.

Mercer | Mettl Pre-employment Assessments

Mercer | Mettl offers holistic pre-employment tools to scientifically measure core traits as well as acquired skills of candidates. Our suite of tools consists of personality assessments, behavioral assessments, cognitive assessments, technical assessments, coding assessments and communication skills assessments.

A Comprehensive Coding Assessment Environment For Coders

Empower your technical hiring using our seamless platform with unmatched abilities.

Mercer I Mettl - Client Testimonials

We have served 6000+ clients in more than 90 countries. Dive into the stories of clients in the Mercer | Mettl family and hear what they have to say!

Game Changer &

Mercer | Mettle partnership

Game Changer Training and Consulting Ltd. is proud to announce our official partnership with Mercer | Mettle, a renowned leader in talent assessment platforms. This collaboration enables us to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions for talent assessment, strengthening our commitment to delivering exceptional training and consulting services. As a trusted international consulting firm serving private and public sectors, NGOs, development organizations, and social enterprises, our partnership with Mercer | Mettle enhances our ability to drive positive change and development within organizations.

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