Project DPro Foundation Online Course (Self-paced)

Project DPro is the best project management certification for anyone working in charities, NGOs and other organizations in the international development sector. Research has shown that a certified project manager is likely to get higher salary than one without certification. This self-paced online course will help you to gain key project management skills and get your Project DPro Foundation (Level 1) certification in five weeks or less.

Introduction to Project DPro Online Course

World-class training

This exclusive online course is delivered by a highly acclaimed international expert who delivers training for local and international development organizations on a regular basis.

Self-paced, engaging, and Easy-to-Understand

You can complete this world class training at your own pace. The whole Project DPro Syllabus has been spread over five weeks.  

Essential skills, internationally recognised certification

This course will help you develop essential project management skills as well as preparing you to pass the Project DPro Foundation certification exam. 

Course Syllabus

The Complete Project DPro Syllabus will be covered. Please see below an overview of the syllabus.

  • The Triple Constraint
  • Program and Portfolio Management
  • Project DPro Project Management Competency Model
  • Phases in Development and Humanitarian Project
  • Steps of Phase Model
  • Decision Gates
  • How the Phases are organized
  • Key Outputs
  • Inputs and Processes
  • Bradshaw's Four Categories of Social Needs
  • Logical Framework Matrix
  • Performance Indicator Conceptualization
  • Project Charter
  • Risk Register
  • Project Governance Structure
  • Planning Framework
  • Meal Framework
  • Project Implementation Plan
  • RACI Chart
  • Accountability, Control Mechanisms, Rolling Wave planning
  • Steps of Planning 
  • Issue Log
  • Managing People
  • Managing Project Schedule
  • Managing the Budget
  • Managing Risk and Issues
  • Managing Change 
  • Managing Supply Chain
  • Project Sustainability Plan
  • Scenarios of Project Closure
  • Final Project Evaluation
  • Five Principles Played in Project Closure
  • Evaluation of Project Closure
  • Well-Governed Principle
  • Participatory Principle 
  • Comprehensive Principle
  • Integrated Principle
  • Adaptive Principle
  • Fundamentals of Adapting
  • Factors to consider when adapting Project DPro

Course Fee

The course fee does NOT include Project DPro Foundation Certification Exam fee, which depends on your employment status. We can arrange the exam for you when you are ready.

Project DPro


Does NOT Include Exam Fee

-Exclusive Price

-Quality Content

-International Standard


Look inside the course

A five-minute video showing what is inside the course.


Enroll now and become an internationally certified project manager in five weeks.


What you will get

We will cover the whole Project DPro syllabus with a focus on application. All sections of the Project DPro guide is covered through engaging, easy-to-understand video lessons. 

You will have opportunity to ask questions and interact with your instructor on any topic covered. 

You will be able to check your understanding and monitor your progress through quizzes that are in the same format as the Project DPro certification exam. 

Your Project DPro Foundation certification invigilation is included in the course. Once you complete all the lessons and want to sit the exam we will arrange your exam. The certification exam fee varies depending on your location and organisation. Exam fee is NOT included. 

Once you have gone through the learning materials, you will have an opportunity to have a live call with your instructor to ensure you are ready for the certification exam. Details on how to book the call will be shared inside the course. 

About Your Instructor - Shahriar Khan

Shahriar Khan is the founder and Managing Director of Game Changer Training and Consulting Ltd, a training partner for PM4NGOs. Shahriar has been delivering project management for the development sector internationally for about twelve years now. He started working with an international development organization in Bangladesh back in 2005 and used to work with many development programs and projects there from various sectors - financial management reform programs, health sector projects, agriculture sector projects, and livelihood projects. In 2008 he moved to the UK head office of the same organisation. Since then he worked on many projects in various capacities - part of the project management team, consultant, project manager, trainer, and program manager. Currently, he works as Director of studies for the Project DPro courses for a leading UK-based training provider. Shahriar is highly passionate about training and capacity building and has designed and delivered training internationally on a range of subjects and managed a number of training projects for clients internationally. He has experience working in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Japan, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Yemen.

"Organizational efficiency is the organization's degree of success. We at Kano State Pension Fund Trustees, Nigeria have so much belief in Game Changer as they always use the least possible inputs in order to produce the highest possible outputs based on the service rendered to us. We appreciate Game Changers' services as they always listen to us while trying to satisfy our needs during the program. Game Changer gave us the best training which contributes a lot to the development and planning of our organization."

Engr. Auwal Rabiu Dansharif
Kano State Pension Fund Trustees, Nigeria

"As an experienced development professional, I was looking for a project management training and certification that would be highly relevant, give me a thorough grounding on project management best practices and help me to take my career to the next level. Following some research on the matter I decided to go for the Project Management for Development Professionals (PMD Pro). I completed my PMD Pro training and certification with Game Changer Training and Consulting Ltd and was highly pleased with their service. They were very flexible to adapt the timetable of the training to suit our requirements and provided all the support and encouragement I needed to get the necessary knowledge and skills and pass the PMD Pro certification exam. It was great to learn from a facilitator who has significant level of international exposure and experience of working in development projects. I would highly recommend Game Changer Training and Consulting Ltd for your training needs in project management or other areas."

Imtiaz Ahmed
Head of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

"When I decided to acquire my PMD Pro Certification I was fortunate enough to have access to industry experts and ask for their advice. Almost everyone recommended Shahriar’s name, so I took his course knowing that I'm making the right choice. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed. Shahriar has a wealth of experience within the world of international development, sustainable development goals, and project management. The information and hands-on knowledge I have accumulated with the help of his lessons are what made it possible for me to pursue a career in the development sector. The course itself is self-paced which enabled me to learn whenever I had time. The interactive lessons and Shahriar’s vast experience within his field allowed me to progress much faster than I had anticipated. One of the many things that made the learning curve easy was Shahriar’s way of delivering the lessons. He makes this elaborate subject understandable and enjoyable to everyone, regardless of their level of experience. Signing up for the course was one of the best investments I have ever made. Thank you!"

Zoltan Feher
Development Professional, Hungary

"The course was fantastic! Shahriar really delivered with this clear, concise and comprehensive course. As someone who has never delved into project management, especially in the development sector, the videos were very easy to understand. The concepts were explained clearly, the examples that Shahriar used were relatable and easy to understand. It exceeded my expectations by far. I watched each video first and then read the corresponding chapter in the guide. This made it easier for me to thoroughly understand and retain the information. The quizzes after each section were very helpful too, they helped me prepare for the exam. Truly great content! Looking forward to starting my journey. Thanks again Shahriar, all the best!""

Ayo Bankole
Development Professional, United Kingdom

Project DPro Foundation Online Course (Self-paced)

To recap, here is what you get when you enroll: 1) Easy-to-understand video lessons covering the whole Project DPro Syllabus 2) Quizzes for checking understanding 3) Online support to supplement learning 4) Invigilation of the Certification Exam (exam fee NOT included) 5) A 30-minute live session with your instructor

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