Leadership Skills for First-Time Managers

an exclusive two-day training organised by Game Changer Training and Consulting Ltd.

  • Duration: Two (2) Days
  • Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Date: 17 - 18 November, 2023 (Friday - Saturday)
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Ready to Succeed as a First-time Manager?


You've excelled in your field, demonstrated expertise, and have now been rewarded with a new title: Manager. You stand up from your new, larger desk – a perk of your recent promotion.

As you look around, you don’t just see familiar faces; you see team members awaiting your guidance, direction, and leadership.

The weight of realization hits: you're not just a team member anymore. Every decision you make, every word you utter, and every gesture you display is now under scrutiny. This much awaited promotion has come a new set of challenges.

Being a manager isn't just about expertise in a specific field; it's about leading, motivating, and guiding a team to success. For many, this transition can feel overwhelming.

You're not alone in feeling unprepared. Here's a closer look at the mounting challenges you might face:

Common Challenges That First-time Managers Face:

  • The Expectation Gap:
    Your team expects clear direction, but you're hesitant, second-guessing every choice.

  • Conflict Mismanagement:
    Minor disagreements escalate, affecting team morale and productivity.

  • Delegation Dilemmas:
    You're drowning in tasks because you're unsure of whom to trust with what.

  • Lack of Motivation:
    As you grapple with leadership, your team's enthusiasm wanes. Tasks are delayed, and the quality of work slips.

  • Career Stagnation:
    Your superiors begin to question their decision to promote you, potentially halting your upward trajectory.

Every misstep feels like a blow, not just to you, but to your team's performance and morale. The echo of whispered conversations fills the void of effective leadership. The cost of inaction? A tarnished reputation, missed opportunities, and the painful sting of regret.

Ready to inspire and influence?

Join our Leadership Skills program!


What will you get?

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  • Highly effective two-day in-person training on leadership skills specifically designed for new managers.
  • Golden opportunity to ask questions and clarify doubts face-to-face with experienced trainers.
  • Psychometric assessment of your 'Managerial Potential' through a world-leading assessment platform to help you raise your self-awareness.  
  • In-depth assessment report showing your strengths and areas for improvement. 
  • Three post-training follow-up sessions (online) to help you apply the learning.
  • Professional networking opportunity.
  • Certificate of participation. 
  • Lunch and snacks.

Who Should Attend?

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  • New managers and supervisors.
  • Managers who want to have more impact on their professional career and continuous growth.  
  • Professionals looking to enhance their leadership and managerial skills.
  • Individuals preparing to take on managerial roles and leading a team for the first time.
  • Fresh graduates who want to hone their leadership and managerial skills for their upcoming career.

What We Will Cover

We will cover the must-have leadership skills required to be successful as first-time managers.
Please, click on the module titles below to see what will be covered in each module.

Your Instructors

Connect with our team of seasoned industry experts, each possessing a wealth of practical experience and a profound understanding of leadership dynamics specifically tailored for first-time managers.

Abdul Momin Shashi

Abdul Momin Shashi

Md. Abdul Momin Shashi, a seasoned professional with 12+ years of experience, specializes in business and leadership development, talent strategies, capacity building, and sales. Trained by industry giants McKinsey & Korn Ferry, he excels in competency framework design, strategic mindset, and change management. Shashi's diverse background, from cadet college to marketing and HR, provides a unique perspective on organizational health and performance. He offers expert training in Sales, Customer Service, Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, and more, fueling his passion for unlocking human potential and fostering winning organizations.

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Kabir Anwar

A.F.M. Kabir Anwar, a Mechanical Engineering graduate, brings 7 years of progressive experience in FMCG operations and maintenance management. He earned an MBA in General Management from Putra Business School, Malaysia, aiming to bridge the engineering-management gap and provide training and consultancy in industrial operations and maintenance. During his industry tenure, he led mechanical maintenance, optimized equipment efficiency, implemented SOPs, controlled spare parts usage, and improved productivity across the shop floor. His hands-on experience inspired his transition to training and consultancy in the sector.

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Also featuring

Shahriar Khan

Shahriar Khan

Shahriar Khan, founder and Managing Director of Game Changer Training and Consulting Ltd., is an EMCC-accredited leadership and team coach. With 18 years of international experience, he has worked as a trainer, coach, and consultant with senior leaders across 30+ countries, including Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, the UK, and the UAE.

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Yassir Husain

Yassir Husain

Yassir Husain is a versatile professional with 25+ years of experience in the banking, agriculture, and food industries. His extensive career includes client-facing roles, senior positions in technology and operations, and strategic planning in multinational and family-owned businesses. He is an ICF Certified Coach based in Dhaka

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