Fundraising Successfully for Non-Profit Organisations

Are you serious about getting external funds for your non-profit projects and making a bigger impact? Start here!


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Would you like to raise funds for your non-profit project? Are you working for an NGO, a charity, a grassroots organisation or a civil society organisation? Are you an individual who would like to launch a development project to help your community or your environment? If yes, you are at the right place.

The purpose of this program is to help you secure funding by the first quarter of 2021!

Learn to craft and implement your very own fundraising strategy

You will get the knowledge and skills you need to find your ideal donors, reach out to them and apply for funding successfully. This is your chance to grow your organisation like never before!

Learn how to write winning project proposals and concept notes

Great proposals and concept notes are essential to fundraising success. We will help you develop the skills you need to write winning proposals and concept notes. We will also give you the best templates to accelerate your success. 

Follow the instructions and get funds within the next three months

If you follow our guidelines you will have everything to get funding by the first quarter of next year. Get serious, get funds for your projects and make a bigger impact in 2021!

I want to get external funds for my non-profit projects and make a bigger impact!

Your Instructor: Shahriar Khan

Shahriar has been delivering training for development professionals on an international level for over ten years.

Being highly passionate about building capacity for organisations, he has worked on a range of development projects as a consultant, project manager and trainer. He has helped clients across the globe to improve their skills in project management, fundraising and proposal writing. He has worked with clients from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore, UAE, UK, Vietnam, and Yemen. His work has massively improved the efficiency and professionalism of the international development sector which made him one of the most acclaimed experts of his field.

Today he is the Managing Director of Game Changer Training and Consulting, delivering training on fundraising, development project and programme management.

I want to get external funds for my non-profit projects and make a bigger impact!


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