Project Management (PMD Pro Level 1) Online Course

Become a certified project manager from the comfort of your home or office. This world-class course gives you a solid foundation on Project Management and takes you step-by-step in your journey to get the PMD Pro Level 1 certification, a globally recognized project management certification for development professionals.

Get the skills and credibility

This course will help you to gain the knowledge and skills you need to manage projects better and to get a globally recognized certification that gives you credibility as a project manager or a member of a project team.

Deliver better results

Knowledge and skills you gain from this course will help you to deliver better results whether you are a project manager or a member of a project team. This can open new doors for you. 

Open new doors

Being successful in getting the PMD Pro certification and applying the knowledge and skills gained in the course can help you move to the next level in your career. It will put you in a strong position for a rewarding career in project management.  

Here's What You'll Get

By taking this course today, you'll get the complete guide on getting your PMD Pro Level 1 Certification. It is the first of its kind that takes you step by step through the PMD Pro guide and gives you a thorough grounding on project management in the international development sector.

  • Comprehensive coverage:  We’ll cover each section of the PMD Pro guide and explain all the concepts, tools and principles in an easy-to-understand way.
  • World-class training: Game Changer is a listed training organization in the PM4NGOs website for delivering PMD Pro courses. This course is delivered by a trainer who has been delivering project management training internationally for more than ten years and has received excellent feedback consistently. 
  • Lesson Quizzes: Quizzes at the end of each lesson will check your understanding of the subject covered.
  • Step-by-step guide and pro tips on exams: We'll show you step by step how to take the exams and provide you with proven tips for success.
  • Question and answer: We'll answer specific questions you have on any topic covered and clarify any confusions you may have. 
  • PMD Pro Level 1 Exam and Invigilation: Once you complete the lessons and are ready to take the exam, we will arrange your PMD Pro Level 1 exam and remote invigilation. You will receive the certification once you pass the online exam.  

Take your career to the next level

Research has shown that a certified project manager is likely to earn more than a project manager without certification. Click the button below to enroll on the course and start your journey to become a certified project manager.

Course Introduction

Shahriar Khan, the course instructor, explains what the course is about and how it can benefit you.


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